Search through your content

Even though Milk Video gives you a lot of features around producing content, it's still sometimes difficult to manage the sheer quantity of files you may have. Search is a powerful way to find content using the transcripts generated from each of your files.

When you use search to find files, you will realize how much easier it is to manage large libraries of video or audio content.

Turn long videos into shareable short clips

One of the things teams love about Milk Video is the fluidity of taking a long video recording and quickly isolating the most important parts to share.

Try out a few different approaches of sharing the short content with your team through Slack, LinkedIn, blog posts or email. Here's a few models:

Get feedback before sharing content

You can make clips of a recording and ask your team which parts of the video they li

Measure engagement on shared content

If you share content on LinkedIn or Twitter, you can use our special embed link and measure engagement across your videos.

Create highlight reels

Take a few of the best pieces from your recent event and create short teaser trailer for the next upcoming event.

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