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What is the ideal content to create on Milk Video
What is the ideal content to create on Milk Video
Some examples of clips created by our users
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Companies, like Alinea (below), are sending links from Milk to their customers to source testimonials.

These testimonials, once designed in Milk to match the brand, can then be shared on any social platform, your website, emails, and any other channels you have access to.

Webinar Highlights

Some companies already have a great library of content - but need an easy way to extract the key moments. Scale AI use this Milk to their advantage by clipping virtual events and sharing them as Paid Social advertising, and as organic social posts.

Podcast Highlights

Hiring Videos

Organizations that are looking to stand out from the crowd often use creative ways to recruit. In this example, Shipbob sourced video from their team using Milk to promote an exciting role at the company.

Upcoming Event Preview

If you'd like help in creating a video template like these ^^, just schedule a time to talk with our team and we'll get you going.

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