Communicating the value of Milk Video internally

When teams understand the “why” behind trying out Milk Video it helps mitigate any friction with content production pattern changes or learning a new tool.

A few "why’s" that resonate with teams that use Milk Video:

  • Allows for faster production of new video content using quality video recordings you already have

  • Makes managers more easily available to see progress and provide feedback in the browser, instead of uploading and sharing application dependent files

  • Allows designers to be able to chat with marketing or sales teams producing video content, instead of being responsible for video production

  • Creating a faster cadence of new content production which helps increase the presence of your brand, even if you're don't have a dedicated video team

  • Provides lots of flexibility and awesome inspiration for when browsing the video templates that can be used for your existing video recordings

  • Some teams prefer using Milk Video to share our their virtual event recordings to speed up content distribution after events

Adoption pathways

Virtual events

After an event is finished, upload the recording to Milk Video for transcription and quickly editing the most important parts. Seeing the speed of turning around polished content provides teams a chance to discover how it can improve their workflow. It also helps them provide feedback or review final content more frequently, which activates collaboration across a team, allowing for less time coordinating and more time engaging customers. Sharing video clips directly are the best hook for that.

Create short video clips and directly share links in your follow up email with attendees or registrants to measure engagement around what content people enjoyed and allow them to ask questions they have etc.

We also provide a search interface for all of your uploaded content in Milk Video and make it possible to find older content which you can share as links, to increase the range of content you can share during follow up.

All-hands or company announcements

If companies are doing remote all-hands meetings or video announcements, your core team can create a shareable landing page that can be used as a collection of videos. This can give teammates a place to go to find the highlights of an event, even if they missed it, to get caught up with the company happenings. Once teams know they can find announcements or past recordings, one person in a team can also be a champion for sharing updates with others.

Manager buy-in

Simply uploading content to Milk Video isn't enough to get them to adopt it, especially if they don't see how to use the product. If managers and leaders have some buy-in, have a basic understanding of Milk Video works (ie: have seen the quality videos that can be produced in a short period of time) and how they'd like their team to produce more video content, faster, that helps.

If a manager is interested in getting more engagement or increasing customer interaction, Milk Video is perfect for them. Show how you can use one tool to replace the back-and-forth between multiple individuals, while still providing the stakeholders a chance to contribute on the final product. Show how Milk Video vs. other tools will create ownership in the teams that want to increase their company exposure, and ask for an opportunity to prove the value.

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