Milk Video encrypts all communications between servers and clients (authentication, file uploads, transcriptions and content creation) using technologies like SRTP, SSL, and WSS. All of our servers and critical services are secured using 2-factor authentication, and all account related data, such as a search index, is automatically end-to-end encrypted. Milk Video has no visibility into your computer and does not transmit any personally identifiable data to any third-party providers.

We use HTTPS / WSS for our transport protocols, so the files uploaded or created are always encrypted end-to-end. Because we focus on video communication and transcription, we simply store your files. So there’s very little of your data for a hacker to steal - infinitely less than a document or chat product.

For quality, our transcription service is provided by a third-party service, which is even more secure, as there’s no files stored after processing transcripts on their servers.

To get more specific:

We take our users privacy very seriously. We will never review files on accounts or store them without our user's knowledge. We will never store work data other than information voluntarily shared with us. We collect data about how our features are used and any errors users encounter for sole the purposes of making the services better and will not be sold for any reason or shared with a third party without the user’s permission.

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