When connected, your Zoom recordings will be transcribed and searchable. You can chose any recording and quickly share links to important sections or turn clips into designed videos.

Make changes

To make changes to an existing Zoom integration, go to the following link.

How it works

The Zoom integration is setup to initiate a recording sync from your Zoom account to the user's Milk Video account.

What you can do

Once the video content is ready, you can search for the video content in our search tool. Additionally, each video is editable in our clip-to-design interface. Each video is then usable for creating designed canvases. Also each upload is able to be shared with a direct link that lets users manage analytics to monitor whether their videos are being watched.

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Connecting your Zoom account

The first step is to connect your Zoom account. Once the account is connected, we use the secure token to initiate a request for the user's Zoom recordings. Once the recordings are identified, we begin a process and initiate saving the selected videos to transcribe the content and make them shareable.

For Zoom, connect your Zoom account from an administrative user and approve the connection.

Disconnecting your Zoom account

There are two ways to disconnect your Zoom account from Milk Video.

First, you can go to the managed Zoom App page and uninstall the app directly from Zoom. If you uninstall the connection from the Zoom App, you will be given a few options for how your data is stored after the disconnect.

Second, you can go to your connected accounts section and make a disconnect request from your Milk Video account by clicking "Connected". If you deactivate connections from the Zoom account through the Milk Video connected account, we will present a prompt for users to determine if they want their data stored.

If you disconnect your account, you can also select whether or not you want your videos stored with Milk Video. If you states data should not be stored, we will trigger a deletion event for the videos they have downloaded and send an email confirming the account was disconnected.

Additional questions

For any additional questions, please contact us at [email protected]. Thank you for using Milk Video!

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